For information on how to apply to exhibit at our shows, please drop us an email:

Tell us your name, address and brief details of your work.

Exhibit your work alongside some of the best designer makers in the UK


Above are a couple of short videos featuring exhibitors from our recent events.

Why are we different?

Craft in Focus has changed the way the public perceive craft shows and has reinstated the high quality image of Britain's talented designer makers. Our events provide makers with an opportunity to sell their work to an appreciative audience. We welcome up and coming as well as more established makers. The events have been hailed as "A breath of fresh air for craft shows, just what the industry needs" by both visitors and public alike. The shows are now firmly placed in visitors’ diaries as the "Must Visit Events" and The Independent newspaper placed Craft In Focus above all other events of its kind in the country. Because Craft in Focus is so committed to making a difference we have earned an enviable reputation for staging high quality shows for the public and providing financially successful events for exhibitors.

Our Celebrating Ceramics Festival at Waterperry Gardens welcomes applications from overseas ceramic artists as well as from the UK.

Our advertising is widespread for all our shows and begins well in advance of the shows to ensure not just maximum visitor attendance, but a quality attendance attracting those who will have a genuine interest in your work.

Selection process

Makers who have not already exhibited with us will be asked to send photographs of their work and stand set up to accompany their application. Please note that we do not accept bought in work and we will not hesitate to remove an exhibitor from a show for selling work not made by themselves.

Makers shown on this website will not necessarily be exhibiting at all Craft In Focus events.
© All work shown is copyright of the maker named.