Celebrating Ceramics at Waterperry Gardens 2020

With the continued restrictions affecting the UK likely to be in force for some time yet this year’s Celebrating Ceramics Festival has been cancelled.

Celebrating Ceramics 2021 will take place from 16-18 July 2021. We hope to see you there!

In the meantime we hope you will visit our online Virtual Ceramics Fair here soon.

FREE Demonstrations 2019

Friday 19th July 2019

10.45 am Dylan Bowen

Dylan will make a series of improvised jugs based on traditional shapes.

12 noon   Jaroslav Hrustalenko

Handbuilding with thrown sections.

1.15 pm Jo Keogh

Methods that are traditionally used to create ceramic multiples are combined to create abstract interpretations of simple geometric forms.

2.30 pm David Wright

Simply Take a Lump of Clay. Hand-building with the minimum of tools.

3.30 pm Marie Prett

Using earthstone handbuilding, pinching, coiling  and modelling, Marie will demonstrate handbuilding one of her new wall pieces, a galloping horse and rider.


Saturday 20th July 2019

10.45 am   Sharon Griffin

Sharon Griffin will demonstrate how she uses slabs of clay to make a full scale head without an armature. 

12 noon Richard Baxter

Throwing small porcelain pieces off the hump. 

1.15 pm Paul Jackson

Throwing and manipulating. 

2.30 pm Paul Smith

Demonstrating hand building figurative ceramic sculptures using a system of metal rods and packaging materials as an internal support. 

3.30 pm Roger Cockram

"It's a pot Jim - but not as we know it”. Demonstrating slab-building bottles or jugs - in stoneware or porcelain.


Sunday 21st July 2019

10.45 am Adrian Bates

Working with slabs: joining, shaping, blending & refining to form vessels or sculptural forms. 

12 noon Jason Braham

Using the “one I prepared earlier” approach, Jason will demonstrate the process through, throwing, turning, assemblage and simple decoration. 

1.15 pm Tamar Rose

Paper clay/porcelain slab building.

2.30 pm   Terry Davies

"Breaking The Surface ". A demonstration of techniques, to break or crack the surface of a thrown form, with interesting and creative effects.

3.30 pm   Emily Myers

Emily will demonstrate how she throws tall forms, then carves and facets them at the leather-hard stage. 


Makers shown on this website will not necessarily be exhibiting at all Craft In Focus events.
© All work shown is copyright of the maker named.