Celebrating Ceramics at Waterperry Gardens 2020

With the continued restrictions affecting the UK likely to be in force for some time yet this year’s Celebrating Ceramics Festival has been cancelled.

Celebrating Ceramics 2021 will take place from 16-18 July 2021. We hope to see you there!

In the meantime we hope you will visit our online Virtual Ceramics Fair here soon.

Demonstrations on Stand 2019

In addition to the listings above, the following exhibitors will be demonstrating on their stand at various times of the day throughout the event

  • Alchemy Tiles
  • Alex McCarthy Ceramics
  • Alvin F Irving Ceramics
  • Clare Wakefield Ceramics
  • Daniel Boyle
  • David Wright Pottery
  • Dianne Cross
  • Emily Myers
  • Eric Moss Ceramics
  • Gin Durham Ceramics
  • Gwen Bainbridge Ceramics
  • Ian Harris Ceramics
  • James Hake Ceramics
  • Jev ceramics
  • Joy Trpkovic Ceramics
  • LDB ceramics
  • Lloyd-Coombes Ceramics
  • Margaret Gardiner Ceramics
  • Mitch Pilkington Ceramics
  • Nicola Gladwin
  • Phil Jolley
  • Russell Coates
  • Sharon Griffin
  • Simon Griffiths Sculpture Ltd
  • Tessa Wolfe Murray Ceramics
  • Victoria Claire Dawes

Makers shown on this website will not necessarily be exhibiting at all Craft In Focus events.
© All work shown is copyright of the maker named.