Demonstrations on Stand 2019

In addition to the listings above, the following exhibitors will be demonstrating on their stand at various times of the day throughout the event

  • Alchemy Tiles
  • Alex McCarthy Ceramics
  • Alvin F Irving Ceramics
  • Clare Wakefield Ceramics
  • Daniel Boyle
  • David Wright Pottery
  • Dianne Cross
  • Emily Myers
  • Eric Moss Ceramics
  • Gin Durham Ceramics
  • Gwen Bainbridge Ceramics
  • Ian Harris Ceramics
  • James Hake Ceramics
  • Jev ceramics
  • Joy Trpkovic Ceramics
  • LDB ceramics
  • Lloyd-Coombes Ceramics
  • Margaret Gardiner Ceramics
  • Mitch Pilkington Ceramics
  • Nicola Gladwin
  • Phil Jolley
  • Russell Coates
  • Sharon Griffin
  • Simon Griffiths Sculpture Ltd
  • Tessa Wolfe Murray Ceramics
  • Victoria Claire Dawes

Makers shown on this website will not necessarily be exhibiting at all Craft In Focus events.
© All work shown is copyright of the maker named.