Zone D Exhibitor Listing

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Barbara Gittings Ceramics D042

Hand built Porcelain sculptural "vessels" and bottles which are patterned using nerikomi techniques and smoke firing.

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Bridget Drakeford Porcelain D044

Handthrown porcelain vessels using wood and silver on some teapots and containers

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Chris Hawkins D035

Handthrown studio ceramics, raku fired bottles, vases, lidded pots and bowls.

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Cisca Jane D036

Crystalline glazed porcelain wall art and vessels. Inspired by nature; designed with an interest in capturing spontaneity and fluidity.

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Clare Wakefield Ceramics D033

Porcelain is thrown or handbuilt, pierced and sculpted. Inspired by oceanic waves and their effect on the land they touch.

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Di Luca London Ceramics D038

Unique Raku fired ceramics.

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Emily Dennys D051

Handmade porcelain lamps, vases and wall panels. Inspired by nature they feature relief designs of buds, leaves, flowers and grasses.

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Evas Garden Pottery D046

Salt and gas fired wheel thrown table decorative ware inspired by natural volcanic colours and sediments, decorated with animal forms.

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Helen Higgins D054

Quirky figurines of animals in fancy dress.

James Ort D039

James Ort specialises in creating ceramic animals. He attempts to capture the vibrancy and dynamism of his wild subjects.

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Jayne Tricker Art D049

Handbuilt vessels to hold, sound, water and light using ancient traditions of barrel-firing, using organic materials and metal oxides.

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Jemma Gowland D050

Exploring upbringing, especially of girls and the need to present a perfect face.

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Jenny Chan D041

Figurative ceramic sculptures.

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Katherine Message Ceramics D034

Throwing, hand-building, incising techniques used for my porcelain pieces. Functional, decorative and wall pieces - coastal colours and forms inspire.

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Laura De Benedetti Ceramics D045

Thrown porcelain fluid vessels decorated in multilayer crystalline glazes.

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Lesley Nason D047

Handbuilt porcelain wall-art, vessels and jewellery inspired by the landscape, flora and fauna of the British countryside.

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Little Green Studio D055

Functional and decorative vessels with impressed and painted designs. Tactile qualities and surface patterns finished with colourful matte and gloss earthenware glazes.

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Marike Jacobs D052

I invite you to feel movement, my movement in clay thrown with courage, fun and passion, altered, torn and reassembled...enjoy!

Mark Smith Ceramics D037

Maritime sculptures, with a combination of ceramic and found objects.

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Mitch Pilkington Ceramics D040

Handbuilt sculptural ceramics referencing coastal finds. Using a grogged stoneware clay with surface treatment of oxides, enhancing the stone-like qualities of the clay.

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Oknytt Ceramics D048

Sculptural and functional stoneware pieces inspired by Scandinavian nature and London life from Hanna Salomonsson.

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Pat Armstrong D043

Mainly thrown raku fired vessels.

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Sonya Ceramic Art D053

Unique ceramics inspired by nature: vases, planters, tableware and jewellery made using the impression from real leaves in porcelain and stoneware.

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