Zone B Exhibitor Listing

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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing

Alchemy Tiles B25

Individually hand carved encaustic, inlaid tiles with inspiring poetry, quotes and images using ancient 13th Century techniques held eternally in earth and time.

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Andrew Hazelden B28

Wheel thrown functional tin glazed earthenware and ceremonial iridescent lustreware freely brush painted with plant and animal symbolic imagery.

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Anne-Marie Jacobs Ceramics B36

Sculptural ceramics inspired by the Essex coastal landscape. Vivid glaze colours and surface reliefs translate the experience of the artist’s aerial and eye level perspectives of the marshland wilderness.

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Benjamin Beckett Sculpture B31

Welcome to the world inside my head. Unique sculptures in hand-painted earthenware. However small, no two will be the same.

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Charlie Collier Pottery B40

Stoneware domestic ware. Wood and gas fired pots incorporating local clays and wood ashes.

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Elaine King Ceramics B42

Elaine hand-builds functional pieces through altered slabs of clay, inspired and hand-decorated through researched natural patterns in plants and trees.

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Emily Dennys B32

Handmade porcelain lamps, vases and wall panels featuring relief designs of leaves, flowers, thistles and grasses.

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Helen Rondell B29

Sculptural ‘naked’ raku fired pieces all hand-coiled or slab built, created over several days, steadily evolving into individual unique forms.

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Jaeeun Ceramics B41

My stoneware vases represent HTP (House-Tree-Person) objects which are widely used in art therapy.

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Jane Cox Ceramics B21

Decorative and functional contemporary earthenware. Slip decorated - classic elegant shapes combined with vibrant surface pattern and rich translucent glazes.

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Jaroslav Hrustalenko B24

My creativity is driven by the passion for colour, shape and impression of momentum. I appreciate pure aesthetics of form, expressed in clean but complex geometric lines and proportions of golden ratio.

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Jenny Chan B34

Figurative ceramic sculptures.

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John Masterton Ceramics B30

Thrown and handbuilt porcelain with reduction fired oriental inspired glazes. Rich copper red often layered with other glazes.

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Joy Trpkovic Ceramics B37

Unique hand built translucent porcelain sculptures, wall pieces and small vessels inspired by marine and other natural forms,

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Judit Esztergomi B39

Wheel-thrown and press-moulded tableware from high-firing clays, decorated with different carving techniques.

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Katy O'Neil B18

Contemporary ceramic slabbed forms with black clay which are decorated with impressed marks and a complementary range of ceramic jewellery.

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Lesley Nason B22

Handbuilt porcelain wallart, vessels and jewellery inspired by the landscape, flora and fauna of the British countryside.

Linda Southwell Ceramics B20

“I connect people with nature…” Linda Southwell creates porcelain sculptures based on plant and flower structures.

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Lucy Baxendale B17

Whimsical porcelain sculptures and unusual homeware inspired by imaginary worlds.

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Mark Smith Ceramics B38

Fantastical maritime sculptures made from ceramics and recycled materials.

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Miche Follano B26

Decorative expressive vessels, using abstract intuitive mark making inspire a collection of exciting contemporary earthenware objects.

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Paul Wheeler B27

Gas reduction fired Japanese and industrial inspired functional ware.

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Penny Little Ceramics B19

Elegant hand-built porcelain bowls and vases filled with gold and platinum lustre creating light, depth and glamour.

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Ruth Harrison Ceramics B35

Slip cast porcelain vessels with hand cut elements attached to the outside, one by one, layer by layer.

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Sophie Smith Ceramics B23

Decorative ceramics, slipcast and handbuilt. Decorated with brush on glazes, and gold and platinum precious metal.

Tessa Wolfe Murray Ceramics B33

Slabbuilt and slipcast vessels in white earthenware with stone impressions and textures, incised lines, slips, glazes and a controlled smokefiring..

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