Zone F Exhibitor Listing

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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing

Adrian Bates Ceramics F102

Timeless and elegant functional stoneware and sculpture for indoor and year-round garden display.

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Clare Palmer Ceramics F104

Clare’s two strands of work - slab-built sculptures and wheel-thrown sculptural vessels - explore the veneers of control we show to the world.

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Gilly Whittington Ceramics F100

Porcelain with vibrant abstract glazing. The work is thrown and sometimes altered giving energy and movement.

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Helen Higgins F105

Figurative and animal sculptures masquerading in costume or disguise. Exploring the concept of façade to hide behind.

Lloyd-Coombes Ceramics F101

Ceramic animal sculptures made from wire and paper clay.

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Marie Prett Ceramics F103

Handmade animals and people inspired by vintage circus, myths and fairytales.

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Paul-James Ceramics F106

My work focusses on the simplicity of the raw materials revealing the natural textures and beauty of the clay itself.

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Peter Hayes Ceramics F107

By building up layers of textured clay combined with burnishing and polishing of surfaces, I try to achieve opposites of rough and smooth.

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Ralph Jandrell Pottery F99

Unique nature inspired art pottery.

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Tony Laverick Ceramics F108

Porcelain vessels and sculptural pieces decorated with slips and glazed in multiple firings.

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