Zone G Exhibitor Listing

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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing

Diane Griffin Ceramics G113

Contemporary sculptures exploring contrasting textures of fine unglazed porcelain, rough organic glazes and metallic details.

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Gin Durham Ceramics G116

The inspiration for Gin's ceramic sculptures stems from storytelling. She draws on an imagination shaped by treasured tales and imagery.

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Jason Braham G114

Salt-glazed and ash-glazed stoneware pottery, inspired by European country ware and the Leach tradition. Essentially these are pots for everyday use.

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Jim Malone G115

Stoneware and sometimes porcelain.

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Jodie Neale G121

My fondness for symmetry in nature has influenced my sculptural forms. I want to create beautiful and tactile pottery that celebrates the beauty of the natural world as well as the properties of the clay itself.

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Penny Withers Ceramics G109

Thrown and altered stoneware vessels with combinations of interactive glaze applied evoking atmospheric landscapes.

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Phil Jolley G110

Hand built stoneware sculptural and functional forms with tactile surfaces made up of pattern and texture with hidden detail often accentuated with colour. The suggestion of archaeological finds or remains and architectural detail feature prominently.

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Rosa Wiland Holmes G117

Thrown ceramic in porcelain and black stoneware. The inspiration for my work comes from the beautiful curves of the female form as well as the nature around us. I work in a soft muted colour palette to achieve a sleek and elegant Scandinavian simplicity.

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Ruth Gibson Ceramics G118

Screen-printed ceramics; tranquil landscapes evoking a sense of place. Black and white photographic imagery enhanced with subtle glazes. Including wall art, large platters, delicate shell-like bowls and sculptural ‘standing stones’ and jewellery.

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Ruthanne Tudball G120

All of my work is stoneware manipulated when wet to retain the organic quality of the clay. Soda vapour glazed.

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Sarah Villeneau Ceramics G122

High-fired handbuilt ceramic sculpture that celebrates the expressive and tactile qualities of clay through biomorphic form and texture.

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TKJ Ceramics Ltd G111

High fired reduction stoneware for use in the ceremony of eating and drinking.

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