Leigh Pottery

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Based out of her garden studio in Oxfordshire, Leighan Thomas is a studio potter who produces mainly wheel thrown functional pieces. Her work has a simple aesthetic that focuses on functionality and form, with textures inspired by natural elements. She strives to produce work that is contemporary, modest, elegant, tactile and functional; easy to live with and a pleasure to use.


Leonie Stanton

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I create work addressing scale and proportion, juxtaposing surfaces with integrated grogs, creating tension between the form and its finish.


Lise Herud Braten

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Lise’s work spans from functional ware to sculptural forms. Each piece is unique, and made from stoneware and porcelain clays.


Lloyd-Coombes Ceramics

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Felicity is a ceramic artist specializing in animal sculptures, using a mixed media method. All my sculptures are individually hand sculpted and hand finished, making each piece unique.


Margaret Curtis

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Individual hand built and wheel thrown vessels employing combinations of dry and glazed surfaces.


Margaret Gardiner Ceramics

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Vapour glazed porcelain for food, drinks, plants and flowers, fumed with stannous chloride to create random areas of lustrous iridescence.


Marie Prett Ceramics

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Handmade, highly decorated animals and figures inspired by the circus, mythology and a vivid imagination.


Marike Jacobs

To let you feel
Movement, my movement in the Clay
To Let you feel that
yes, I love being a potter


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