Zone A Exhibitor Listing

Browse through to see the exhibitors we have here and access their websites and/or social media sites. Look for the video icon, as there are also some links to videos showing the makers creating their work. (Best viewed on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer).

Kit Andrews - The Cornish Potter (A03)

Bespoke one-off pit fired ceramics.

Ronaldo Wiltshire - Motions of Clay (A05)

Functional and decorative ceramic art with a contemporary flair. My pieces are often glazed in my own recipes, which are inspired by colours from Barbados.


Rosa Wiland Holmes (A01)

My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature and the landscape, rocky cliffs and smooth waters or the surface of a stone from the garden. They all intrigue me and inspire me to create pots that are abstract and sculptured.

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Sampada Gurung (A04)

Sampada's work often reflects the delicate nature of traditional pottery form in a tactile contemporary manner. Her pottery explores the surreal human form, emotion and symbolism.


Tom James (A02)

Hand-built ceramic musical instruments - flutes, ocarinas, drums - made from several contrasting clay bodies, each instrument fully working and unique.


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