Zone B Exhibitor Listing

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Adela Powell Ceramics (B05)

Work evolved from observations of my Coastal and river environments. Abstracted forms in stoneware and porcelain, gestural and painterly application of slips and glazes.

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Diane Griffin Ceramics (B10)

Diane creates poetic sculptures inspired by outward expressions of emotion. Her work explores how we, as humans, deal with visceral experiences and make sense of our existence.

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Leigh Pottery (B11)

Leighan's work has a simple aesthetic that focuses on functionality and form with textures inspired by natural elements. Contemporary, modest, elegant, tactile and functional.

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Neil MacDonell (B06)

New coloured 'industrial heads' in the round dominate current work. I am also continuing with small wall pieces which are glazed in the usual way.

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Paul Smith Sculptures (B03)

I make hand-built ceramic sculptures on the theme of our relationship with the animal world, my style is bold and semi-abstract.

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Richard St John Heeley (B02)

Hand thrown and painted blue and white porcelain

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Roger Cockram Ceramics (B04)

Individual pieces thrown in fine porcelain and sometimes altered in some way; ideas come from observations of the sea; also some useful domestic pottery.

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Rosalind Smith English Earthenware (B09)

Rosalind's work is hand-built in the tradition of early earthenware makers and decorated with her own slips and glazes. Working without the use of casts or moulds makes each piece uniquely different.

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Sally MacDonell (B07)

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Figurative sculptural ceramics. My aim is to connect with the viewer - to prompt a feeling of common humanity.


Sean Miller - Poterie de Peillac (B12)

I make a range of functional domestic slipware. Thrown or slab built and fired in an electric or wood fired kiln. My inspiration comes from traditional European earthenware.

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Simon Smith (B08)

My work is hand thrown, turned, refined and multiple sprayed with three different glazes. I also apply glaze to the piece using a selection of brushes this adds another layer and gives greater depth to each piece.

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Wendy Lawrence (B01)

Hand Carved Sculptural Ceramics inspired by natural form and texture. For display in the home and garden.

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