Zone F Exhibitor Listing

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Antonia Salmon (F80)

Smoke Fired Ceramic sculptures that capture the Experience of the natural world.

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Dianne Cross Ceramics (F78)

Hand built vases, vessels, wall pieces and boxes evoking the textures and colours of the seashore and coastline, both real and imagined, stormy and calm.

Harriet Coleridge (F82)

Limoges porcelain glazed with a variety of carbon trap shinos and ferociously reduced in flame kilns. Enhanced with rose ash and gold lustre brushwork.

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Jean-Paul Landreau (F86)

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Jean-Paul Landreau treats the surface of the work the same as a painter uses canvas.


Lloyd-Coombes Ceramics (F87)

Animal sculptures made from wire, scrim and paper clay.

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Margaret Gardiner Ceramics (F77)

Finely thrown porcelain pots, textured, patterned and sparkling. Drinking vessels and ovenware, vases and plant holders, for domestic use and visual enjoyment.

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Richard Wilson Ceramics (F81)

My pots reflect the spontaneity of the slipware tradition, but I explore colour and form using the pot as a canvas.

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Roos Eisma Ceramics (F83)

I make sculptural vessels, hand built in stoneware with textured glazes. Each piece is unique, with shapes organically influenced by chance.

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Russell Kingston (F85)

Once fired functional slipware, for the oven and table.

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Sharon Griffin (F84)

Based in Shropshire, Sharon sculpts the human face and body to produce realistic yet dream-like beings inspired by woodland and folklore stories.

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Tessa Wolfe Murray Ceramics (F79)

Ceramic vessels and wall pieces inspired by surfaces and landscapes seen during worldwide cycling trips. Shapes and contours of vessels are inspired by museum artefacts.

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