Zone G Exhibitor Listing

Browse through to see the exhibitors we have here and access their websites and/or social media sites. Look for the video icon, as there are also some links to videos showing the makers creating their work. (Best viewed on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer).

Adrian Bates Ceramics (G90)

Elegant and timeless Stoneware Ceramics exploring themes of movement, poise and flow. Suitable for indoor or year-round outdoor display.

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Jason Braham (G93)

In his studio in the Radnorshire hills, Jason Braham makes stoneware pots, using simple ash glazes or salt glaze. These are principally pots for use.

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Penny Simpson Ceramics (G88)

Tableware, tiles and pots for plants from red earthenware clay with lively slip decoration.

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Russell Coates (G91)

Hand-painted, underglaze-blue porcelain, dishes, bowls, vases, boxes, jugs and mugs, some enamelled with birds, animals and sea creatures.

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Sally Dunham (G92)

Human and animal ceramic sculpture and 'A moment with Mister Herbert'.

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Tim Andrews Ceramics (G89)

Tim is well known for his distinctive individual Raku smoked pieces that are exhibited all over the world.

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