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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing 2024

Polware Pottery

As Seen On TV H01-H09

This year we also feature some well known faces from a recent TV programme.


Adrian Bates Ceramics

Adrian Bates Ceramics A010

Elegant and timeless stoneware ceramics for home and year-round garden display.

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Alchemy Tiles

Alchemy Tiles A002

Individually hand carved encaustic, inlaid tiles with inspiring poetry, quotes and images using ancient 13th Century techniques held eternally in earth and time.

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Alison Wear Ceramics

Alison Wear Ceramics B029

Smoke and raku fired stoneware inspired by zoomorphic forms. Each piece is hand built, burnished and unique.

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Andrew Hazelden B028

Functional and ceremonial tin glaze and reduction fired earthenware brush painted with symbolic designs inspired by the natural world.

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Andrew Macbean Ceramics

Andrew Macbean Ceramics H01

Thrown and slab built pots inspired by the seaside and woodland.

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Andrew Niblett Raku Potter

Andrew Niblett Raku Potter A004

Raku fired sculptural forms with recovered relics.

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Anna Phillips

Anna Phillips B038

A colourful and expressive exploration of the vessel form.

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Anthony Theakston Ceramics

Anthony Theakston Ceramics F103

Stunning collection of ceramics inspired by birds.

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Bethan Jones Ceramics

Bethan Jones Ceramics D069

Contemporary, functional ceramics wheel-thrown and glazed in a range of quiet earthy tones and bright vibrant colours.

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Bridget Drakeford Porcelain D077

Hand thrown porcelain with an Eastern influence. Teapots, bowls, jugs and vases.

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Cadi Froehlich

Cadi Froehlich H08

Ceramic art to live with.

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Candice Coetser Ceramics

Candice Coetser Ceramics B027

Hand thrown porcelain with an Eastern influence. Teapots, bowls, jugs and vases.

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Charlie Collier Pottery

Charlie Collier Pottery C042

Stoneware domestic ware. Wood and gas fired. Traditional forms incorporating local clays and wood ashes.

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Charlotte Berry Pottery

Charlotte Berry Pottery D074

Thrown and hand built stoneware pots. Slip, paper resist and sgraffito are used to create bold designs inspired by nature.

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Chiu-i Wu Ceramics

Chiu-i Wu Ceramics E083

Hand built sculptural and functional stoneware created by my hands and fired in a gas kiln.

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Claire Lardner Burke Ceramics

Claire Lardner Burke Ceramics F097

Individual hand-coiled forms capturing the quiet beauty, marks and colours of age and weathering, particularly of rocks and stone.

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Clare Wakefield Ceramics

Clare Wakefield Ceramics C046

Designs inspired by the ebb and flow of the sea.

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Craig Underhill

Craig Underhill A007

A painterly approach to ceramics that evokes a feeling of place and landscape.

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Daniel Boyle Ceramics

Daniel Boyle Ceramics G126

Salt and ash glazed stoneware. Individual works to be explored beyond their surface.

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Dave Short Pottery

Dave Short Pottery H03

I make thrown vessels, hand built items and carved tiles inspired by the natural world and human activity.

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David Chilton

David Chilton B032

Hand built porcelain, inspired by myth and history informed by touch allowing the beauty of the material to shine through.

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David Cooke Sculpture

David Cooke Sculpture C043

I create a wide range of ceramic animal sculptures in a variety of styles, and often incorporating other media, such as steel, wood or bronze.

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David Hilton Tableware

David Hilton Tableware C050

Range of porcelain and stoneware pots for all serving and cooking occasions. Also many accessories for the dining table.

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David Wright Pottery

David Wright Pottery C049

Coiled, wood-fired stoneware vessels and boxes, sometimes including wooden lids and other materials.

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Deborah Harwood Ceramics

Deborah Harwood Ceramics B031

Wheel thrown porcelain working to purity of form and line to enhance the beauty of the clay.

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Di Luca Ceramics

Di Luca Ceramics E094

Innovating raku ceramics and sculptures for contemporary interior decors.

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Diane Griffin Ceramics

Diane Griffin Ceramics E084

Contemporary sculptures featuring contrasting textures of fine unglazed porcelain, rough organic glazes and metallic details.

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Edward King Ceramics

Edward King Ceramics H05

Sculptural ceramics inspired by ideas of destruction and urban landscapes.

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Elaine Humpleby: Arty Activist Creations

Elaine Humpleby: Arty Activist Creations F108

Elaine creates figurative sculptures and vessels, experimenting with found textures and application of colour she celebrates environments, memories and mythos.

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Elaine King Ceramics

Elaine King Ceramics D058

Elaine makes mainly hand built pieces in white stoneware clay, hand-painted using a palette of oxides, slips, and underglaze colours.

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Elizabeth Renton Ceramics

Elizabeth Renton Ceramics D078

Elizabeth makes small batches of unique tableware and decorative pieces for the home. Blending stoneware and porcelain I merge traditional and modern techniques primarily using the wheel. Creating tactile surfaces of raised dots, grooves and lines.

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Elly Wall Ceramics

Elly Wall Ceramics B040

I make hand built vessel forms, and interested in the sense of scale, emptiness and compelling visual appeal of disused architectural forms.

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Emily Dennys Ceramics

Emily Dennys B017

Handmade porcelain lamps, vases and wall panels featuring relief casts of flowers, grasses, thistles and ferns.

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Emma Baldwin Ceramics

Emma Baldwin Ceramics B019

Wheel thrown stoneware vessels exploring classical and contemporary forms in combination with reactive glazes and oxides.

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Fiona Booy Ceramics

Fiona Booy Ceramics F098

Fiona’s sculptural and functional creations play with bold forms and geological processes, swirling with blended colours and clays.

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Franny Owen Ceramics

Franny Owen Ceramics B023

Useful and beautiful ceramics. Wheel thrown stoneware and porcelain for everyday use; vessels for contemplation. Commissions welcome.

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Franny OGarry Jones

Garry Jones E090

Ceramic animals and creations to make you smile.

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Gilly Whittington Ceramics

Gilly Whittington Ceramics F099

Porcelain ceramics, thrown on the wheel and sometimes altered, with decoration inspired by abstract painters.

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Gin Durham Ceramics

Gin Durham Ceramics B026

The inspiration for Gin's ceramic sculptures stems from storytelling. She draws on an imagination shaped by treasured tales and imagery.

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Guy Routledge Ceramics

Guy Routledge Ceramics A009

Hand built figurative and sculptural ceramics based loosely around the head and face; plus various animal forms.

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Helen Higgins Ceramics

Helen Higgins G116

Ornamental sculptural figurines, free standing and wall hanging, featuring a range of quirky animals often wearing a costume or disguise, a mask, a hat, theatrical make up etc.

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Hiro Takahashi

Hiro Takahashi B030

Intricate and narrative sculpture: Soul house, Tree of life, Allegorical boat, Tower of Myth, Message box and functional Wabi-Sabi ware.

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Imogen Taylor Noble

Imogen Taylor Noble D081

Hand built vessels and sculptural objects, using commercial and foraged clays and fired in my wood fired train kiln.

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J Bull Ceramics

J Bull Ceramics E085

Wheel thrown vessels and forms using volcanic glazes to create coastal and celestial surfaces.

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Jack Durling

Jack Durling G125

Ceramic wildlife sculpture inspired the phenomena of the natural world with lustre and porcelain embellishments.

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Jan Tomei Ceramics

Jan Tomei Ceramics F096

Wheel thrown stoneware and porcelain textured vessels.

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Jane Cox Ceramics

Jane Cox Ceramics B025

Jane Cox (MARCA,AWG,CPA Fellow) is known for her elegant ceramics combining distinctive surface pattern with classic shapes. Having worked in London for 20 years she now pots from the well established Binnel Studios on the Isle of Wight.

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Jane Staniland

Jane Staniland A011

These coiled stoneware planters and pots tell joyful stories. The surface is sgraffito, coloured slips, oxides, glazes and sometimes lustres.

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Janet Halligan Ceramics

Janet Halligan Ceramics F106

Trompe L'oeil sculpture, mainly bags, shoes and hobby boxes together with hand built vessels and abstract sculpture inspired by landscape in stoneware.

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Jaroslav Hrustalenko

Jaroslav Hrustalenko G123

Geometrically stylised contemporary tableware inspired by music and dance.

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Jason Braham

Jason Braham F104

Stoneware and salt glaze, inspired by European country ware and the "Leach School".

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JCJ Pottery

JCJ Pottery D066

Brush decorated reduction fired lusterware..

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Jenny Chan

Jenny Chan D063

Unique hand built figurative sculpture with a back story.

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Jeremy Nichols Ceramics

Jeremy Nichols Ceramics A005

Salt glazed domestic ceramics with a focus on teapots featuring open handles together with bottles and lidded jars and boxes.

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John West Lansdown Pottery

John West Lansdown Pottery E087

Maker of woodfired and soda glazed functional pottery incorporating locally found materials into the finished item.

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Judit Esztergomi Ceramics

Judit Esztergomi Ceramics B014

Wheel thrown functional ceramics decorated by hand-carving.

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Julian Jardine

Julian Jardine G114

Unique sculptures and small limited edition pieces based largely on endangered species.

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Julie O'Sullivan

Julie O'Sullivan G118

Julie presents a body of work shaped by living alongside the Thames Estuary. Hand-built stoneware celebrating the tactile.

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June Dobson Ceramics

June Dobson Ceramics B015

Slab built decorative and functional stoneware ceramics using sgraffito and relief techniques and finished with oxide and minimal glaze.

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Justine Jenner Pottery

Justine Jenner Pottery D075

Colourful, thrown vases and tableware using white earthenware clay exploring harmony between form, function and colour.

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Kat Wheeler Ceramics

Kat Wheeler Ceramics F105

High fired terra cotta pots for table, decorated with textural slips and glazed in various ash glazes.

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Kate Windibank

Kate Windibank D065

Hand built, sculptural vessels with undulating edges, fault lines and fissures, which explore the transformational nature of time on natural objects.

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Katherine Kingdon

Katherine Kingdon G112

The illustrative nature of Katherine’s work suggests an oblique, yet familiar narrative. Allow yourself to be drawn in, question the detail, let your imagination wander.

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Katherine Taylor Ceramics

Katherine Taylor Ceramics B039

Handcrafted ceramics with distinctive form and design, inspired by nature and the UK's picturesque coastlines.

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Kathryn Stevens

Kathryn Stevens G122

Sculptures for your home and garden inspired by the natural and industrial landscape of Cumbria.

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Katy O'Neil

Katy O'Neil D056

Slab formed contemporary ceramics created from black clay and impressed with found objects. Complemented by a range of ceramic jewellery.

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Knighton Mill Pottery

Knighton Mill Pottery F109

Contemporary salt glazed country pottery, focused on the marriage of form and function.

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Kyra Mihailovic Ceramics

Kyra Mihailovic Ceramics D054

Distinctive wheel thrown and hand-painted porcelain and stoneware.

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Laura Gibbs Ceramics

Laura Gibbs Ceramics D064

Cast and hand built porcelain and bone china forms which are then saggar fired in my electric kiln with metals and oxides.

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Leigh Pottery

Leigh Pottery D067

Thrown and hand built pieces, focusing on simplicity, form and function.

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Lesley Nason Ceramics

Lesley Nason B036

Porcelain wall art, decorative hand built vessels and distinctive jewellery inspired by the fauna and flora of the British countryside.

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Liz O'Dwyer Ceramics

Liz O'Dwyer Ceramics B037

Simple wheel thrown porcelain forms decorated with a cobalt inlaid drawing.

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Liz Watts

Liz Watts B024

Hand built Sculptures, vessels or combinations, primarily in porcelain, freehand painted, often colourfully, some with gold, platinum or lustre fired on the glaze. Each piece unique in form and colour.

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Lucy Morris Ceramic Art

Lucy Morris Ceramic Art B016

Hand built expressive animal sculptures taking inspiration from human emotions.

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Marika du Plessis Art & Ceramics

Marika du Plessis Art & Ceramics D082

Handmade ceramic quirky birds decorated with oxides and contrasting matte underglazes and gloss. Filled with symbolism, delicate mark-making and textures to accentuate each bird's personality.

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Mark Smith Ceramics

Mark Smith Ceramics D068

Maritime sculptures combining ceramics with found and recycled materials.

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Mary Wright Ceramics

Mary Wright Ceramics D057

I aim to retain the fluidity of the thrown clay with the use of brushes.

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Meg Durham Art

Meg Durham Art D059

Figurative ceramic sculptures and wall hangings made from stoneware and parian clays finished with oxides and lustre.

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Michelle Young-Hares Ceramics

Michelle Young-Hares Ceramics E092

Ceramic sculptures are a combination of thrown, altered, and textured clay, multiple fired and stoneware glazed. Inspired by natural forms.

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Moonhare Ceramics

Moonhare Ceramics D062

Cheery, colourful, highly decorated domestic stoneware and sculptural pieces created using slips and engobes.

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Moya Tosh Ceramics

Moya Tosh Ceramics B033

I try to express the essential moods, shades, beauties and imperfections of the countryside where I live.

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Neil MacDonell

Neil MacDonell A006

My work is inspired by textures, patterns and forms derived from found industrial detritus.

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Oknytt Ceramics

Oknytt Ceramics C048

Swedish ceramicist Hanna Salomonsson’s hand built stoneware pieces are inspired by Scandinavian nature and Nordic folklore.

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Oto Ni Pottery

Oto Ni Pottery H06

A range of functional ceramics inspired by the Northern Irish coastline.

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Patricia Millar Ceramics

Patricia Millar Ceramics A008

Pottery that captures the ancestry, texture and colour signature of the landscape using local clay and ash glaze.

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Patrick O’Donohue Ceramics

Patrick O’Donohue Ceramics C047

Wheel-thrown and hand built forms with expressive painterly compositions referencing landscape and the abstraction of light and shadow.

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Paul Wearing Ceramics

Paul Wearing Ceramics G120

Hand built sculptural vessels layered with multiple oxidised slips and volcanic, crawl and barium glazes rendering textured and visually complex surfaces.

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Paul-James Ceramics

Paul-James Ceramics G111

My work focuses on the simplicity of the raw material, revealing the natural beauty and refinement of the clay body.

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Penny Little Ceramics

Penny Little Ceramics D055

Hand-formed black and white porcelain bowls, vases and vessels lined with glamorous gold and platinum lustres.

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Penny Withers Ceramics

Penny Withers Ceramics A003

I enjoy the energy in thrown clay slabs and the melting and fusing of glazes that happens in the kiln.

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Peter Black Ceramics

Peter Black Ceramics G113

Salt glazed wheel thrown pots in porcelain and stoneware, including functional as well as one-off decorative or sculptural pieces.

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Peter Hayes Sculpture

Peter Hayes Ceramics C041

By building up layers of textured clay combined with burnishing and polishing of surfaces, I try to achieve opposites of rough and smooth.

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Phil Jolley

Phil Jolley E093

Tactile hand built vessels in stoneware, porcelain or a heavy grogged body whose surfaces are an integral part of the final intention.

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Polware Pottery

Polware Pottery H04

Creations mostly dedicated to the kitchen.

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Potteryman G124

A comprehensive tableware range along with sculpted garden ceramics and one off pieces all designed for daily use.

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Remon Jephcott Ceramics

Remon Jephcott Ceramics D061

Ceramic fruits, delicate pieces inspired by decay. Each sculptural piece is multi-fired and layered with glazes, lustres and decals.

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Richard Baxter

Richard Baxter G119

Finely thrown porcelain pots presented in a distinctive range of vibrant, colourful glazes. They are both functional and beautiful.

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Richard Wilson Ceramics

Richard Wilson Ceramics E091

My pots reflect the spontaneity of the slipware tradition of decoration, with coloured clays called slips applied to the pots.

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Rob Sollis Ceramics

Rob Sollis Ceramics D060

Rob trained at Dartington, becoming expert in high-temperature raku methods. He produces experimental studio art ceramics applying ‘tracking’ and burnished effects to the surfaces.

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Robyn Hardyman Ceramics

Robyn Hardyman Ceramics D073

Decorative and functional finely thrown vessels in porcelain – bowls, vases, moon jars and more - in pared-back, elegant form.

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Roger Cockram Ceramics

Roger Cockram Ceramics C052

Mostly individual pieces in fine porcelain, thrown and sometimes altered, based on observations of the sea and coastline.

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Ruth Gibson Ceramics

Ruth Gibson Ceramics B020

Working in porcelain and white stoneware, Ruth combines a love of photography, printmaking and ceramics, to evoke a sense of place.

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Sally Dorrity

Sally Dorrity G115

Hand built small, medium and large stoneware pieces, both functional and sculptural, equally suitable for indoors and outside.

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Sally MacDonell

Sally MacDonell A006a

Modelling spontaneously with slabs and coils, each piece is unique, expressing an underlying sense of warmth and humanity.

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Dan Sandham Ceramics

Sandypots H09

Jars, big bowls and wonky cups inspired by a love of powerful animals and the sea.


Sara Budzik Making

Sara Budzik Making E086

Hand built ceramic sculpture, inspired by a desire to protect and celebrate wildlife and the natural world.

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Sara Moorhouse

Sara Moorhouse F101

Non-functional ceramic artworks referencing landscape scenes, through which I explore colour theories and spatial perception.

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Sarah Michael Ceramics

Sarah Michael Ceramics C045

Hand thrown both decorative and functional objects for house and garden. Fun, colourful and, hopefully, thought provoking!

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Sarah Piper Ceramics

Sarah Piper Ceramics D070

Sarah Piper's collection conveys serene strength through weathered pieces, embodying human contradictions: calm amidst chaos, fragility intertwined with resilience.

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Sheila Herring

Sheila Herring F095

Functional thrown and handbuilt black earthenware. Surfaces decorated with free pencil line drawings exploring repetitive patterns or suggestions of flowers.

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Shelton Pottery

Shelton Pottery G117

Ken’s finely thrown pottery is a canvas for Valerie’s joyful free-hand painting of abstract and floral themes.

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Shield Studio Pottery

Shield Studio Pottery E089

Thrown ceramics from the heart. High fire stoneware with beautiful, simple glazes, and exciting fluid textures.

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Shirley Sheppard

Shirley Sheppard G121

My work is figurative: the human form, whether on vessels in cast porcelain or hand built sculptures, painted or glazed.

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Simon Griffiths Sculpture

Simon Griffiths Sculpture A012

Unique impressionistic wildlife sculptures capturing the true essence of British birds and animals. Simon's work is fired to stoneware temperatures and suitable for garden or interior display.

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Simone Brown Ceramic Artist

Simone Brown Ceramic Artist F100

Abstract sculptural forms and vessels that explore a nuanced palette of mixed reclaimed clays and texture.

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Sonya Wilkins Ceramics

Sonya Wilkins Ceramics F107

Ceramic vessels embodying the beauty of landscape, earth and tree formations. Mixed clays, wild clay slips and woven wire.

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Sophie Smith Ceramics

Sophie Smith Ceramics D076

Bright, colourful and whimsical earthenware ceramics. Slipcast and hand built pieces decorated with coloured slips, brush on glazes and lustres.

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Sophie Wootton Design

Sophie Wootton Design H02

Hand thrown functional tableware glazed in unique muted pastel colours, exploring the relationship between the maker and the user.

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Steve Woodhead Ceramics

Steve Woodhead Ceramics E088

"Art for Everyday Living" - Steve makes a variety of traditional and funky pots to be used on a daily basis in the home.

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Steven Broughton Ceramics

Steven Broughton Ceramics H07

I craft purposeful pots, believing functionality enhances beauty. Everyday items, with sentimental value, feature distinctive, ergonomic designs and intricate hand-mixed glazes.

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Studio Brae

Studio Brae B035

Tokes Sharif handcrafts sculptural and functional objects using clay incorporating local and foraged materials. The use of earthy tones coupled with stony and matte textures draws inspiration from Scottish landscapes.

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Jane Cox Ceramics

Studio Skellett B013

Expressive figurative sculptures of the human form.

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Tamsyn Trevorrow

Tamsyn Trevorrow D053

Sculptural ceramics inspired by the material effects of time on the natural world in particular the interaction of land and sea.

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Tatarek Pottery

Tatarek Pottery B034

Hand thrown stoneware pieces carved freehand with Arts and Crafts inspired designs.

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Tim Kennedy Ceramics

Tim Kennedy Ceramics B018

Decorative hand built ceramic vessels inspired by texture and forms found in nature.

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Tony Laverick Ceramics

Tony Laverick Ceramics A001

Porcelain decorated vessels using glazes, slips and metals in multiple firings.

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Trevor Dyer Ceramics

Trevor Dyer Ceramics B021

Trevor produces hand thrown functional and decorative pieces in reduction fired stoneware and porcelain. He strives to make things which are both deeply satisfying to use and a joy to behold.

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Valerie McLean

Valerie McLean C044

My work is inspired by the landscapes and the archaeology of the South of France.
Photo credit: @Valerie_Bernadini

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Victoria Meadows

Victoria Meadows D071

Hand built ceramics celebrating unglazed finishes using Terra Sigillata saggar fired with organic matter creating diverse, natural and unrepeatable surfaces.

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Vladka Thwaites

Vladka Thwaites B022

Ceramic works adorned with a palimpsest of textures and abstracted motifs exploring memories, dreams and the subconscious.

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Wendy Calder Ceramics

Wendy Calder Ceramics D080

Red and white earthenware functional ceramics with delicate botanical surface designs, produced by monoprint and sgraffito techniques.

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Wendy Johnson Ceramics

Wendy Johnson Ceramics F102

Influence and inspiration from the North Atlantic coast, the juxtaposition of man-made and natural rock formations brutally beaten by the furious, rhythmic pounding of the ocean. Structures change over time, the ocean changes every moment.

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Woburn Sands Clay

Woburn Sands Clay G110

Handmade ceramics with a distinctive Art Deco influence, including raku and crystalline glazed pieces. Each item is individually designed.

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