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Celebrating Ceramics is an artist led event organised by Craft In Focus with the experienced assistance of the following team.

© Tony Laverick

Profile - Tony Laverick

I have been a professional ceramic artist since 1988 and, during that time, I have taken my work to ceramic events all over Europe and the USA as well as exhibiting in galleries. So, I am very pleased to now have the opportunity to be involved in “Celebrating Ceramics” from it’s beginning and feel I can bring to the event, my experience of International and UK ceramic events.

I took part in Art in Action for many years and I know how much the event, especially the Ceramics Marquee, was loved by potters and public alike. It is , therefore, very exciting to be able to start a new event that is a first in so many ways, and with the full support of Art in Action.

It will be the first ceramic festival to be held at Waterperry Gardens and the first to be an “artist led” event. 

I am sure this event will quickly become the standard of excellence and will establish itself as one of, if not “the” best International event for ceramics.

© Peter Hayes

Profile - Peter Hayes

I have always been interested in the history of ceramics – why and how ‘things’ are made of clay. 

This interest was extended after I spent several years travelling through Africa working with various tribes and village potters and being intrigued how, with limited technology and basic tools, they were able to get such exquisite, beautiful surfaces. I found the same inherent skills in India, Nepal Japan and New Mexico. 

I tried to adopt the ideas picked up from my travels in my own work.  By building up layers of textured clay combined with burnishing and polishing of surfaces, I try to achieve opposites of rough and smooth.

© Sally MacDonell

Profile - Sally MacDonell

I am excited to have been asked to join the team of Celebrating Ceramics. Having been a professional ceramic artist since 1994 and exhibited at ceramic events across Europe and USA I hope to bring my experience to help make a vibrant and creative show for both makers and visitors alike.

Sharing a studio with my ceramicist husband Neil MacDonell, our business and family have grown side by side. The summer expeditions to ceramic festivals enriching both creative and family life. My practise is driven by my continued fascination of people and the endless possibilities of modelling with clay and firing glazes. I hope I can offer a sensitive and sculptural eye to the mix.

© Daniel Boyle

Profile - Daniel Boyle

Since graduating from the Harrow Studio Ceramics course in 1991 I have worked as a full time salt glaze potter. In 1997 I moved from London to establish my studio on a smallholding in West Wales. Over the last twenty years my focus has been on developing my salt glazing and firing approaches, aspiring to create contemporary works pushing the boundaries of traditional salt glaze techniques.

I have exhibited my work for many years at galleries and ceramics events across the country and in Europe. I am committed to supporting the ceramics community through my work as a director of the International Ceramics Festival, bringing together some of the best international ceramics artists for this biannual event.

Celebrating Ceramics is dedicated to building a high quality artist led show aiming to showcase some of the finest ceramic artists.

Profile - Sherry Moran (Creative Director)

I have loved ceramics as an art form for as long as I can recall and my parents bought me my first ‘bowl’ at a fund raising event when I was 16. But it was when I was working in Japan 35 years ago, producing a business documentary, that I began collecting on my frequent trips to Kyoto and Mashiko. 

Every time I passed a beautiful piece I couldn’t help but touch it and an antique dealer in Kyoto said ‘that was the sign of a collector’. My crew had to lovingly help carry back all the treasures I had found, on top of our equipment!

When I moved to London from New York, I was asked to be the curator of the Ceramics section of Art in Action, held at Waterperry Gardens.  This opportunity was a pure labour of love since we were all volunteers.  But during the 26 years that I curated the Ceramics tent, I met and got to know potters (ceramics artists) from all over the UK and Europe. 

It was a privilege to call them friends and it was because of these relationships that I again volunteered to help bring a quality ceramics show at Waterperry gardens to the public.

Profile - Rob Chapman (Craft In Focus) Event Co-ordinator

Craft in Focus was launched in 2000 by Rob Chapman, then a Woodturner, now head co-ordinator of the events.  Craft in Focus stages nine events across the UK, mostly in the South East, including the UK’s most popular Designer Craft Fair at RHS Garden Wisley. 

They are also used to staging solo discipline events, such as the Desire Fairs focussing on Jewellery and Silversmithing.  One of the key aspects to their success has been to treat makers, and visitors, with respect and understand the lifestyle the artists lead. 

As a former maker, Rob Chapman  was able to address what the maker wanted from an event.  In addition the selection of the exhibitors has always been key to ensure the makers show flair and originality in their work, and the work they present is always from their own workshops as well as being of the highest quality.

Visitor Feedback 2021

  • “Anyone in the vicinity of Oxford – or even further afield – interested in fine ceramics (sculptural as well as functional)? Book your place and head over to Celebrating Ceramics at Waterperry Gardens for a feast for the eyes and soul this gorgeous weekend. Garden party atmosphere with live piano surrounded by wonderful creations.”
    Alistair Allgood

  • “An inspiring and very enjoyable event – it was great to see so many of the best potters at one event. Thank you.”
    Michael Taylor, Thatcham, Berkshire

  • “Excellent – best collection of ceramics I’ve ever been to!”
    Sally Waterman

  • “Love it, superb event, venue, music, food and so many ceramicists we have not seen before.”
    Sarah Hunter, Twyford, Berkshire

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