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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing 2024

Adrian Bates Ceramics

Adrian Bates Ceramics A010

Elegant and timeless stoneware ceramics for home and year-round garden display.

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Alchemy Tiles

Alchemy Tiles A002

Individually hand carved encaustic, inlaid tiles with inspiring poetry, quotes and images using ancient 13th Century techniques held eternally in earth and time.

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Andrew Niblett Raku Potter

Andrew Niblett Raku Potter A004

Raku fired sculptural forms with recovered relics.

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Craig Underhill

Craig Underhill A007

A painterly approach to ceramics that evokes a feeling of place and landscape.

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Guy Routledge Ceramics

Guy Routledge Ceramics A009

Hand built figurative and sculptural ceramics based loosely around the head and face; plus various animal forms.

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Jane Staniland

Jane Staniland A011

These coiled stoneware planters and pots tell joyful stories. The surface is sgraffito, coloured slips, oxides, glazes and sometimes lustres.

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Jeremy Nichols Ceramics

Jeremy Nichols Ceramics A005

Salt glazed domestic ceramics with a focus on teapots featuring open handles together with bottles and lidded jars and boxes.

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Neil MacDonell

Neil MacDonell A006

My work is inspired by textures, patterns and forms derived from found industrial detritus.

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Patricia Millar Ceramics

Patricia Millar Ceramics A008

Pottery that captures the ancestry, texture and colour signature of the landscape using local clay and ash glaze.

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Penny Withers Ceramics

Penny Withers Ceramics A003

I enjoy the energy in thrown clay slabs and the melting and fusing of glazes that happens in the kiln.

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Sally MacDonell

Sally MacDonell A006a

Modelling spontaneously with slabs and coils, each piece is unique, expressing an underlying sense of warmth and humanity.

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Simon Griffiths Sculpture

Simon Griffiths Sculpture A012

Unique impressionistic wildlife sculptures capturing the true essence of British birds and animals. Simon's work is fired to stoneware temperatures and suitable for garden or interior display.

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Tony Laverick Ceramics

Tony Laverick Ceramics A001

Porcelain decorated vessels using glazes, slips and metals in multiple firings.

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