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Zone E Exhibitor Listing

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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing 2024

Chiu-i Wu Ceramics

Chiu-i Wu Ceramics E083

Hand built sculptural and functional stoneware created by my hands and fired in a gas kiln.

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Di Luca Ceramics

Di Luca Ceramics E094

Innovating raku ceramics and sculptures for contemporary interior decors.

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Diane Griffin Ceramics

Diane Griffin Ceramics E084

Contemporary sculptures featuring contrasting textures of fine unglazed porcelain, rough organic glazes and metallic details.

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Franny OGarry Jones

Garry Jones E090

Ceramic animals and creations to make you smile.

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J Bull Ceramics

J Bull Ceramics E085

Wheel thrown vessels and forms using volcanic glazes to create coastal and celestial surfaces.

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John West Lansdown Pottery

John West Lansdown Pottery E087

Maker of woodfired and soda glazed functional pottery incorporating locally found materials into the finished item.

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Michelle Young-Hares Ceramics

Michelle Young-Hares Ceramics E092

Ceramic sculptures are a combination of thrown, altered, and textured clay, multiple fired and stoneware glazed. Inspired by natural forms.

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Phil Jolley

Phil Jolley E093

Tactile hand built vessels in stoneware, porcelain or a heavy grogged body whose surfaces are an integral part of the final intention.

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Richard Wilson Ceramics

Richard Wilson Ceramics E091

My pots reflect the spontaneity of the slipware tradition of decoration, with coloured clays called slips applied to the pots.

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Shield Studio Pottery

Shield Studio Pottery E089

Thrown ceramics from the heart. High fire stoneware with beautiful, simple glazes, and exciting fluid textures.

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Steve Woodhead Ceramics

Steve Woodhead Ceramics E088

"Art for Everyday Living" - Steve makes a variety of traditional and funky pots to be used on a daily basis in the home.

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