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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing 2024

Alison Wear Ceramics

Alison Wear Ceramics B029

Smoke and raku fired stoneware inspired by zoomorphic forms. Each piece is hand built, burnished and unique.

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Andrew Hazelden B028

Functional and ceremonial tin glaze and reduction fired earthenware brush painted with symbolic designs inspired by the natural world.

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Anna Phillips

Anna Phillips B038

A colourful and expressive exploration of the vessel form.

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Candice Coetser Ceramics

Candice Coetser Ceramics B027

Hand thrown porcelain with an Eastern influence. Teapots, bowls, jugs and vases.

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David Chilton

David Chilton B032

Hand built porcelain, inspired by myth and history informed by touch allowing the beauty of the material to shine through.

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Deborah Harwood Ceramics

Deborah Harwood Ceramics B031

Wheel thrown porcelain working to purity of form and line to enhance the beauty of the clay.

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Elly Wall Ceramics

Elly Wall Ceramics B040

I make hand built vessel forms, and interested in the sense of scale, emptiness and compelling visual appeal of disused architectural forms.

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Emily Dennys Ceramics

Emily Dennys B017

Handmade porcelain lamps, vases and wall panels featuring relief casts of flowers, grasses, thistles and ferns.

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Emma Baldwin Ceramics

Emma Baldwin Ceramics B019

Wheel thrown stoneware vessels exploring classical and contemporary forms in combination with reactive glazes and oxides.

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Franny Owen Ceramics

Franny Owen Ceramics B023

Useful and beautiful ceramics. Wheel thrown stoneware and porcelain for everyday use; vessels for contemplation. Commissions welcome.

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Gin Durham Ceramics

Gin Durham Ceramics B026

The inspiration for Gin's ceramic sculptures stems from storytelling. She draws on an imagination shaped by treasured tales and imagery.

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Hiro Takahashi

Hiro Takahashi B030

Intricate and narrative sculpture: Soul house, Tree of life, Allegorical boat, Tower of Myth, Message box and functional Wabi-Sabi ware.

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Jane Cox Ceramics

Jane Cox Ceramics B025

Jane Cox (MARCA,AWG,CPA Fellow) is known for her elegant ceramics combining distinctive surface pattern with classic shapes. Having worked in London for 20 years she now pots from the well established Binnel Studios on the Isle of Wight.

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Judit Esztergomi Ceramics

Judit Esztergomi Ceramics B014

Wheel thrown functional ceramics decorated by hand-carving.

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June Dobson Ceramics

June Dobson Ceramics B015

Slab built decorative and functional stoneware ceramics using sgraffito and relief techniques and finished with oxide and minimal glaze.

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Katherine Taylor Ceramics

Katherine Taylor Ceramics B039

Handcrafted ceramics with distinctive form and design, inspired by nature and the UK's picturesque coastlines.

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Lesley Nason Ceramics

Lesley Nason B036

Porcelain wall art, decorative hand built vessels and distinctive jewellery inspired by the fauna and flora of the British countryside.

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Liz O'Dwyer Ceramics

Liz O'Dwyer Ceramics B037

Simple wheel thrown porcelain forms decorated with a cobalt inlaid drawing.

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Liz Watts

Liz Watts B024

Hand built Sculptures, vessels or combinations, primarily in porcelain, freehand painted, often colourfully, some with gold, platinum or lustre fired on the glaze. Each piece unique in form and colour.

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Lucy Morris Ceramic Art

Lucy Morris Ceramic Art B016

Hand built expressive animal sculptures taking inspiration from human emotions.

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Moya Tosh Ceramics

Moya Tosh Ceramics B033

I try to express the essential moods, shades, beauties and imperfections of the countryside where I live.

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Ruth Gibson Ceramics

Ruth Gibson Ceramics B020

Working in porcelain and white stoneware, Ruth combines a love of photography, printmaking and ceramics, to evoke a sense of place.

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Studio Brae

Studio Brae B035

Tokes Sharif handcrafts sculptural and functional objects using clay incorporating local and foraged materials. The use of earthy tones coupled with stony and matte textures draws inspiration from Scottish landscapes.

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Jane Cox Ceramics

Studio Skellett B013

Expressive figurative sculptures of the human form.

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Tatarek Pottery

Tatarek Pottery B034

Hand thrown stoneware pieces carved freehand with Arts and Crafts inspired designs.

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Tim Kennedy Ceramics

Tim Kennedy Ceramics B018

Decorative hand built ceramic vessels inspired by texture and forms found in nature.

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Trevor Dyer Ceramics

Trevor Dyer Ceramics B021

Trevor produces hand thrown functional and decorative pieces in reduction fired stoneware and porcelain. He strives to make things which are both deeply satisfying to use and a joy to behold.

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Vladka Thwaites

Vladka Thwaites B022

Ceramic works adorned with a palimpsest of textures and abstracted motifs exploring memories, dreams and the subconscious.

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