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Zone H Exhibitor Listing

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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing 2024

Andrew Macbean Ceramics

Andrew Macbean Ceramics H

Thrown and slab built pots inspired by the seaside and woodland.

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Cadi Froehlich

Cadi Froehlich H

Ceramic art to live with.

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Dan Sandham Ceramics

Dan Sandham Ceramics H

Jars, big bowls and wonky cups inspired by a love of powerful animals and the sea.

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Dave Short Pottery

Dave Short Pottery H

I make thrown vessels, hand built items and carved tiles inspired by the natural world and human activity.

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Edward King Ceramics

Edward King Ceramics H

Sculptural ceramics inspired by ideas of destruction and urban landscapes.

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Oto Ni Pottery

Oto Ni Pottery H

A range of functional ceramics inspired by the Northern Irish coastline.

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Polware Pottery

Polware Pottery H

Creations mostly dedicated to the kitchen.

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Sophie Wootton Design

Sophie Wootton Design H

Hand thrown functional tableware glazed in unique muted pastel colours, exploring the relationship between the maker and the user.

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Steven Broughton Ceramics

Steven Broughton Ceramics H

I craft purposeful pots, believing functionality enhances beauty. Everyday items, with sentimental value, feature distinctive, ergonomic designs and intricate hand-mixed glazes.

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