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Zone H Exhibitor Listing

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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing 2024

Andrew Macbean Ceramics

Andrew Macbean Ceramics H01

Thrown and slab built pots inspired by the seaside and woodland.

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Cadi Froehlich

Cadi Froehlich H08

Ceramic art to live with.

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Dave Short Pottery

Dave Short Pottery H03

I make thrown vessels, hand built items and carved tiles inspired by the natural world and human activity.

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Edward King Ceramics

Edward King Ceramics H05

Sculptural ceramics inspired by ideas of destruction and urban landscapes.

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Oto Ni Pottery

Oto Ni Pottery H06

A range of functional ceramics inspired by the Northern Irish coastline.

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Polware Pottery

Polware Pottery H04

Creations mostly dedicated to the kitchen.

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Dan Sandham Ceramics

Sandypots H09

Jars, big bowls and wonky cups inspired by a love of powerful animals and the sea.


Sophie Wootton Design

Sophie Wootton Design H02

Hand thrown functional tableware glazed in unique muted pastel colours, exploring the relationship between the maker and the user.

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Steven Broughton Ceramics

Steven Broughton Ceramics H07

I craft purposeful pots, believing functionality enhances beauty. Everyday items, with sentimental value, feature distinctive, ergonomic designs and intricate hand-mixed glazes.

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