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Zone C Exhibitor Listing

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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing 2024

Charlie Collier Pottery

Charlie Collier Pottery C042

Stoneware domestic ware. Wood and gas fired. Traditional forms incorporating local clays and wood ashes.

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Clare Wakefield Ceramics

Clare Wakefield Ceramics C046

Designs inspired by the ebb and flow of the sea.

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David Cooke Sculpture

David Cooke Sculpture C043

I create a wide range of ceramic animal sculptures in a variety of styles, and often incorporating other media, such as steel, wood or bronze.

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David Hilton Tableware

David Hilton Tableware C050

Range of porcelain and stoneware pots for all serving and cooking occasions. Also many accessories for the dining table.

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David Wright Pottery

David Wright Pottery C049

Coiled, wood-fired stoneware vessels and boxes, sometimes including wooden lids and other materials.

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Oknytt Ceramics

Oknytt Ceramics C048

Swedish ceramicist Hanna Salomonsson’s hand built stoneware pieces are inspired by Scandinavian nature and Nordic folklore.

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Patrick O’Donohue Ceramics

Patrick O’Donohue Ceramics C047

Wheel-thrown and hand built forms with expressive painterly compositions referencing landscape and the abstraction of light and shadow.

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Peter Hayes Sculpture

Peter Hayes Ceramics C041

By building up layers of textured clay combined with burnishing and polishing of surfaces, I try to achieve opposites of rough and smooth.

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Roger Cockram Ceramics

Roger Cockram Ceramics C052

Mostly individual pieces in fine porcelain, thrown and sometimes altered, based on observations of the sea and coastline.

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Sarah Michael Ceramics

Sarah Michael Ceramics C045

Hand thrown both decorative and functional objects for house and garden. Fun, colourful and, hopefully, thought provoking!

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Valerie McLean

Valerie McLean C044

My work is inspired by the landscapes and the archaeology of the South of France.
Photo credit: @Valerie_Bernadini

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