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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing 2024 

Bridget Drakeford Porcelain D077

Hand thrown porcelain with an Eastern influence. Teapots, bowls, jugs and vases.

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Charlotte Berry Pottery

Charlotte Berry Pottery D074

Thrown and hand built stoneware pots. Slip, paper resist and sgraffito are used to create bold designs inspired by nature.

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Elaine King Ceramics

Elaine King Ceramics D058

Elaine makes mainly hand built pieces in white stoneware clay, hand-painted using a palette of oxides, slips, and underglaze colours.

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Elizabeth Renton Ceramics

Elizabeth Renton Ceramics D078

Elizabeth makes small batches of unique tableware and decorative pieces for the home. Blending stoneware and porcelain I merge traditional and modern techniques primarily using the wheel. Creating tactile surfaces of raised dots, grooves and lines.

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Imogen Taylor Noble

Imogen Taylor Noble D081

Hand built vessels and sculptural objects, using commercial and foraged clays and fired in my wood fired train kiln.

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JCJ Pottery

JCJ Pottery D066

Brush decorated reduction fired lusterware..

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Jenny Chan

Jenny Chan D063

Unique hand built figurative sculpture with a back story.

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Justine Jenner Pottery

Justine Jenner Pottery D075

Colourful, thrown vases and tableware using white earthenware clay exploring harmony between form, function and colour.

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Kate Windibank

Kate Windibank D065

Hand built, sculptural vessels with undulating edges, fault lines and fissures, which explore the transformational nature of time on natural objects.

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Katy O'Neil

Katy O'Neil D056

Slab formed contemporary ceramics created from black clay and impressed with found objects. Complemented by a range of ceramic jewellery.

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Kyra Mihailovic Ceramics

Kyra Mihailovic Ceramics D054

Distinctive wheel thrown and hand-painted porcelain and stoneware.

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Laura Gibbs Ceramics

Laura Gibbs Ceramics D064

Cast and hand built porcelain and bone china forms which are then saggar fired in my electric kiln with metals and oxides.

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Leigh Pottery

Leigh Pottery D067

Thrown and hand built pieces, focusing on simplicity, form and function.

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Marika du Plessis Art & Ceramics

Marika du Plessis Art & Ceramics D069

Handmade ceramic quirky birds decorated with oxides and contrasting matte underglazes and gloss. Filled with symbolism, delicate mark-making and textures to accentuate each bird's personality.

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Mark Smith Ceramics

Mark Smith Ceramics D068

Maritime sculptures combining ceramics with found and recycled materials.

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Mary Wright Ceramics

Mary Wright Ceramics D057

I aim to retain the fluidity of the thrown clay with the use of brushes.

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Meg Durham Art

Meg Durham Art D059

Figurative ceramic sculptures and wall hangings made from stoneware and parian clays finished with oxides and lustre.

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Moonhare Ceramics

Moonhare Ceramics D062

Cheery, colourful, highly decorated domestic stoneware and sculptural pieces created using slips and engobes.

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Penny Little Ceramics

Penny Little Ceramics D055

Hand-formed black and white porcelain bowls, vases and vessels lined with glamorous gold and platinum lustres.

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Remon Jephcott Ceramics

Remon Jephcott Ceramics D061

Ceramic fruits, delicate pieces inspired by decay. Each sculptural piece is multi-fired and layered with glazes, lustres and decals.

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Rob Sollis Ceramics

Rob Sollis Ceramics D060

Rob trained at Dartington, becoming expert in high-temperature raku methods. He produces experimental studio art ceramics applying ‘tracking’ and burnished effects to the surfaces.

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Robyn Hardyman Ceramics

Robyn Hardyman Ceramics D073

Decorative and functional finely thrown vessels in porcelain – bowls, vases, moon jars and more - in pared-back, elegant form.

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Sarah Piper Ceramics

Sarah Piper Ceramics D070

Sarah Piper's collection conveys serene strength through weathered pieces, embodying human contradictions: calm amidst chaos, fragility intertwined with resilience.

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Sophie Smith Ceramics

Sophie Smith Ceramics D076

Bright, colourful and whimsical earthenware ceramics. Slipcast and hand built pieces decorated with coloured slips, brush on glazes and lustres.

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Tamsyn Trevorrow

Tamsyn Trevorrow D053

Sculptural ceramics inspired by the material effects of time on the natural world in particular the interaction of land and sea.

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Victoria Meadows

Victoria Meadows D082

Hand built ceramics celebrating unglazed finishes using Terra Sigillata saggar fired with organic matter creating diverse, natural and unrepeatable surfaces.

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Wendy Calder Ceramics

Wendy Calder Ceramics D080

Red and white earthenware functional ceramics with delicate botanical surface designs, produced by monoprint and sgraffito techniques.

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