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Zone F Exhibitor Listing

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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing 2024

Anthony Theakston Ceramics

Anthony Theakston Ceramics F103

Stunning collection of ceramics inspired by birds.

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Claire Lardner Burke Ceramics

Claire Lardner Burke Ceramics F097

Individual hand-coiled forms capturing the quiet beauty, marks and colours of age and weathering, particularly of rocks and stone.

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Elaine Humpleby: Arty Activist Creations

Elaine Humpleby: Arty Activist Creations F108

Elaine creates figurative sculptures and vessels, experimenting with found textures and application of colour she celebrates environments, memories and mythos.

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Fiona Booy Ceramics

Fiona Booy Ceramics F098

Fiona’s sculptural and functional creations play with bold forms and geological processes, swirling with blended colours and clays.

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Gilly Whittington Ceramics

Gilly Whittington Ceramics F099

Porcelain ceramics, thrown on the wheel and sometimes altered, with decoration inspired by abstract painters.

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Jan Tomei Ceramics

Jan Tomei Ceramics F096

Wheel thrown stoneware and porcelain textured vessels.

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Janet Halligan Ceramics

Janet Halligan Ceramics F106

Trompe L'oeil sculpture, mainly bags, shoes and hobby boxes together with hand built vessels and abstract sculpture inspired by landscape in stoneware.

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Jason Braham

Jason Braham F104

Stoneware and salt glaze, inspired by European country ware and the "Leach School".

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Kat Wheeler Ceramics

Kat Wheeler Ceramics F105

High fired terra cotta pots for table, decorated with textural slips and glazed in various ash glazes.

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Knighton Mill Pottery

Knighton Mill Pottery F109

Contemporary salt glazed country pottery, focused on the marriage of form and function.

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Sara Moorhouse

Sara Moorhouse F101

Non-functional ceramic artworks referencing landscape scenes, through which I explore colour theories and spatial perception.

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Sheila Herring

Sheila Herring F095

Functional thrown and handbuilt black earthenware. Surfaces decorated with free pencil line drawings exploring repetitive patterns or suggestions of flowers.

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Simone Brown Ceramic Artist

Simone Brown Ceramic Artist F100

Abstract sculptural forms and vessels that explore a nuanced palette of mixed reclaimed clays and texture.

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Sonya Wilkins Ceramics

Sonya Wilkins Ceramics F107

Ceramic vessels embodying the beauty of landscape, earth and tree formations. Mixed clays, wild clay slips and woven wire.

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Wendy Johnson Ceramics

Wendy Johnson Ceramics F102

Influence and inspiration from the North Atlantic coast, the juxtaposition of man-made and natural rock formations brutally beaten by the furious, rhythmic pounding of the ocean. Structures change over time, the ocean changes every moment.

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