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Zone G Exhibitor Listing

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Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing 2024

Daniel Boyle Ceramics

Daniel Boyle Ceramics G126

Salt and ash glazed stoneware. Individual works to be explored beyond their surface.

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Helen Higgins Ceramics

Helen Higgins G116

Ornamental sculptural figurines, free standing and wall hanging, featuring a range of quirky animals often wearing a costume or disguise, a mask, a hat, theatrical make up etc.

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Jack Durling

Jack Durling G125

Ceramic wildlife sculpture inspired the phenomena of the natural world with lustre and porcelain embellishments.

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Jaroslav Hrustalenko

Jaroslav Hrustalenko G123

Geometrically stylised contemporary tableware inspired by music and dance.

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Julian Jardine

Julian Jardine G114

Unique sculptures and small limited edition pieces based largely on endangered species.

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Julie O'Sullivan

Julie O'Sullivan G118

Julie presents a body of work shaped by living alongside the Thames Estuary. Hand-built stoneware celebrating the tactile.

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Katherine Kingdon

Katherine Kingdon G112

The illustrative nature of Katherine’s work suggests an oblique, yet familiar narrative. Allow yourself to be drawn in, question the detail, let your imagination wander.

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Kathryn Stevens

Kathryn Stevens G122

Sculptures for your home and garden inspired by the natural and industrial landscape of Cumbria.

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Paul Wearing Ceramics

Paul Wearing Ceramics G120

Hand built sculptural vessels layered with multiple oxidised slips and volcanic, crawl and barium glazes rendering textured and visually complex surfaces.

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Paul-James Ceramics

Paul-James Ceramics G111

My work focuses on the simplicity of the raw material, revealing the natural beauty and refinement of the clay body.

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Peter Black Ceramics

Peter Black Ceramics G113

Salt glazed wheel thrown pots in porcelain and stoneware, including functional as well as one-off decorative or sculptural pieces.

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Potteryman G124

A comprehensive tableware range along with sculpted garden ceramics and one off pieces all designed for daily use.

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Richard Baxter

Richard Baxter G119

Finely thrown porcelain pots presented in a distinctive range of vibrant, colourful glazes. They are both functional and beautiful.

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Sally Dorrity

Sally Dorrity G115

Hand built small, medium and large stoneware pieces, both functional and sculptural, equally suitable for indoors and outside.

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Shelton Pottery

Shelton Pottery G117

Ken’s finely thrown pottery is a canvas for Valerie’s joyful free-hand painting of abstract and floral themes.

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Shirley Sheppard

Shirley Sheppard G121

My work is figurative: the human form, whether on vessels in cast porcelain or hand built sculptures, painted or glazed.

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Woburn Sands Clay

Woburn Sands Clay G110

Handmade ceramics with a distinctive Art Deco influence, including raku and crystalline glazed pieces. Each item is individually designed.

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